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Moldovan president says he will insist on ratifying agreement on cooperation with EAEU

Moldova signed a memorandum on cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union in 2017
Moldovan President Igor Dodon Valery Sharifulin/TASS
Moldovan President Igor Dodon
© Valery Sharifulin/TASS

CHISINAU, February 6. /TASS/. Moldovan President Igor Dodon has said he will insist that the newly-elected parliament ratifies the memorandum on cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) signed in 2017.

"The memorandum does not have to be ratified," Dodon told NTV-Moldova TV channel on Wednesday. "However, as a politial step, we should send this signal that the parliament and government are ready to cooperation with EAEU, where we now have an observer status," he added. Dodon reminded that over the last several months, the presidential administration was very active in working with EAEU, unlike the government and parliament.

"As a small country, Moldova should not be forced to choose whether it wants to be frieds with the West or the East, because it creates divisions which can make our country fall apart. The biggest mistake is to pose this as an 'either-or' choice. They tried to make Ukraine choose, and how did it end?" Dodon asked. "We should watch very attentively everything that is happening in EAEU," the Moldovan president added noting that the country's population is divided in its support for EU and EAEU.

"There is no other way out because conflicts within the country may arise otherwise. I am happy that the approach I am talking about is welcomed both in the West and in the East. [Russian President] Vladimir Putin agrees with this, we discussed it. [French President] Emmanuel Macron, [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel also said they don't see any problems with that when I explained this approach to them. That's why we should move along this way," Dodon said.