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Pentagon asserts US not behind strikes on Iran — Reuters

It is noted that there were no casualties and damage was insignificant

WASHINGTON, January 30. /TASS/. No US military forces were involved in strikes on Iran, Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said in light of the most recent drone attacks on a military plant in Isfahan.

On Sunday, Reuters specified that he declined to comment further. A number of other US officials told the news agency that Washington was uninvolved in the Isfahan incident.

In the pre-dawn hours of January 29, the IRNA news agency reported that a loud blast sounded in the city of Isfahan located in central Iran. Later, the Iranian Defense Ministry said that an unsuccessful drone attack was conducted against one of the military agency’s centers. One drone was shot down while two others were caught by defense traps and exploded. There were no casualties and damage was insignificant. The statement did not specify whom Tehran suspected of the attack.

The Wall Street Journal, citing US officials and other informed individuals asserted that Israel was behind the drone attack in Isfahan. Earlier, the Al Arabiya TV channel said, citing its sources that the strike was delivered by the US Air Force and another country. In their turn, the US sources of the Alhadath TV channel said that Israel was not involved in the attack which aimed to demonstrate to Iran and Russia that the US was ready to counteract the production and export of ballistic weapons.

The White House, the Department of State and the Pentagon have not yet responded to a request by TASS to comment on the Isfahan incident.