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Italy is ready to be guarantor of peace treaty for Ukraine — PM

Giorgia Meloni held phone talks with Vladimir Zelensky two days before, inviting him to Rome

ROME, December 29. /TASS/. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on Thursday said Rome will support any efforts to achieve peace in Ukraine.

She also said she plans to travel to Kiev in February, before the first anniversary of the start of the Russian special military operation.

"We need to work [on peaceful settlement] in a concrete way. We need signals from both sides. We haven’t had significant signals to date <...> but I was glad to hear during a conversation with [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky to hear that he has intentions to take initiatives in that direction. Italy is ready to be a guarantor of the peaceful process, so I plan to travel to Kiev before February 24 [of 2023]," Meloni said.

She held phone talks with Zelensky two days before, inviting him to Rome.

Meloni said she believes to create conditions for peace, it’s necessary to continue to support Ukraine.

"The work to support, like it or not, is required to find a solution. No one likes war," she said.

The Wall Street Journal reported on December 22, citing US and EU sources, that Ukraine is working on a peace proposal that could be unveiled in February of next year.