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Major fire breaks out as series of blasts rocks Lugansk

A missile of the Tochka-U tactical complex was shot down over the city, Luganskinformtsentr reports

LUGANSK, July 13. /TASS/. A series of powerful blasts rocked Lugansk at around midnight on Tuesday, and a major fire subsequently broke out in the north of the city, a TASS correspondent reported on Wednesday.

At about 23:50 local time (coincides with Moscow time), a series of powerful blasts was heard from the area of the Aleksandrovka village and the settlement of Metallist. A major fire broke out in the city’s north, accompanied by sounds of explosions.

Blasts, believed to have been caused by ammo detonation, are heard all across Lugansk.

The LuganskInformTsentr news agency reported that missile defense systems were engaging an unknown target above Lugansk on Tuesday night, shortly before initial blasts were heard. According to preliminary information, a Tochka-U tactical missile was shot down above the city.