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Democrats interested in working with Russia on reducing nuclear stockpiles

The program draft includes the promise to stand up "to a revanchist Russia" together with European partners

NEW YORK, August 18. /TASS/. The US Democratic Party in case of a victory at the presidential election in November is ready to interact with Moscow on the issues of limiting and reducing nuclear arsenals of the United States and Russia. Those are the provisions of the foreign policy part of the proposed Democratic Party platform subject for approval by the National Convention.

"Just as was the case during the height of the Cold War, it’s in our interest to work with Russia to verifiably limit and reduce our nuclear stockpiles. We will build on this foundation to negotiate arms control agreements that reflect the emergence of new players like China, capture new technologies, and move the world back from the nuclear precipice," the document said.

The program draft also includes the promise to stand up "to a revanchist Russia" together with European partners. "We will not allow Moscow to interfere in our democracies or chip away at our resolve. We will reaffirm America’s commitment to NATO and defending our allies. We will maintain transatlantic support for Ukraine’s reform efforts and its territorial integrity," the document stated.

The convention delegates are going to name Joe Biden as the US presidential nominee and Kamala Harris as the vice-presidential candidate at the upcoming election on November 3. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the event is conducted remotely.