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NATO chief refuses to compare Paris protests to Ukraine’s Maidan

BRUSSELS, December 4. /TASS/. NATO refuses to draw parallels between 2014 protests in Kiev, also known as Maidan, to Paris protests taking place currently, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated on Tuesday during a press conference held after the meeting of the North Atlantic Council with Georgia and Ukraine in Foreign Ministers' session.

In response to a question by TASS about whether the NATO Secretary General plans to call for restraining the French police forces in the so-called Yellow Vests riots in Paris, as his predecessor Anders Fogh Rasmussen did during the 2014 Maidan protests in Kiev, Stoltenberg stated: "I think there’s no meaning in comparing those two situations. I also think that to try in any way to compare that is totally wrong."

In 2014, then-Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen addressed the Ukrainian military, directly calling them not to intervene in the clashes between the government and the opposition in Kiev.