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Russia's upper house passes law banning bizarre baby names

The law will ban figures, abbreviations, numerals, obscene words and titles or positions as baby names

MOSCOW, April 26. /TASS/. Russia’s Federation Council upper house of parliament passed on Wednesday the bill, which bans parents from officially giving their babies names that are foul words, numbers, titles or abbreviations.

The law will ban figures, abbreviations, numerals, symbols and characters, which are not letters (except a dash), obscene words and titles or positions as baby names. However, the law grants parents an opportunity to give their baby a dual surname at birth.

The law will grant parents a right to give a dual surname at birth, uniting the surnames of mother and father, which must be hyphened. The surnames can go in any sequence, but the sequence cannot be changed if dual surnames are given to full brothers or sisters.

Previous legislation failed to oblige Russians to give their offspring names, which do not violate the children’s interests or rights.

Among the strangest names given by Muscovites to their children since 1998 are Dolphin, Nikolai-Nikita-Nil, Summerset Ocean, Princess Daniela, Sophia the Little Sun and by far the most outrageous one is BOChrVF260602 (which translates to "biological human object of the Voronin-Frolov family born on June 26, 2002").

BOChrVF260602, who is already 14, still has no ID papers since the Moscow registration office refused to register such an outlandish name, and subsequently a court upheld this ban.