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Mir-19 COVID-19 vaccine passes first stage of preclinical trials

Clinical trials are to begin in July, according to the head of the Federal Medical Biological Agency

MOSCOW, March 4. /TASS/. Russia’s Federal Medical Biological Agency (FMBA) has completed the first stage of preclinical trials of its coronavirus vaccine, according to a statement on the government’s coronavirus information website.

"The screening phase of preclinical trials (specific immunogenicity, humoral and T-cellular immunity and primary safety) is over, as well as the research on recombinant antigens binding with natural receptors, the virus-neutralizing activity of antibodies induced by these antigens and vaccine prototypes based on recombinant proteins," the statement reads.

FMBA head Veronika Skvrotsova said earlier that the agency planned to complete preclinical trials of its coronavirus vaccine in the first quarter of 2021 and launch clinical trials in July. According to her, phase one and two clinical trials will be conducted simultaneously as permitted by vaccine trial protocols. Skvortsova said that cellular immunity created by the vaccine was expected to last 13 to 17 years.