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Success of mass vaccination depends on its organization in Russian regions, MP says

Everyone who wants to get vaccinated, should have an opportunity to do this immediately, Leonid Ogul said

MOSCOW, January 14. /TASS/. The success of mass vaccination against COVID-19 in Russia depends on how this process will be organized at the regional and municipal levels, deputy head of the Russian State Duma Committee on Health Protection Leonid Ogul told TASS on Thursday.

"Of course, right now, we need to objectively move to the stage of mass vaccination. And here, everything will depend not only on the logistics and the vaccine transportation system (thankfully, it does not need difficult transportation conditions), but on regional organization of the process as well. We need precise measures of the healthcare system of reaction at the regional and municipal level," Ogul noted.

He stressed that the decision of the president to organize mass vaccination of Russians "is a decisive and correct step on the path to victory over this terrifying disease." As of early January, over a million Russians have been vaccinated, the MP stated. "There is a vaccine, and now we need the conditions for its use. Everyone who wants to get vaccinated, and it’s a majority, should have an opportunity to do this immediately. Regional residents should know how and when they can do it, and under which conditions," he stated.

According to the lawmaker, right now, it is necessary to inform the population about the vaccine its use, and to ensure that regional medical workers are duly informed about any side effects and contraindications for vaccination. "Last year has shown that the threat is very serious, but due to the quick and adequate response of Russian science, we can tackle it, we can form immunity and finally return to the pre-pandemic way of life," he stated.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin ruled to move towards mass vaccination of Russians against COVID-19 starting next week.