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Putin congratulates TASS news agency on its 115th anniversary

"Today TASS is one of the largest news companies in the world," Putin noted

MOSCOW, September 1. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated staff members and veterans of TASS news agency on its 115th anniversary on Sunday.

"Today TASS is one of the largest news companies in the world," Putin said in his congratulatory telegram. "The current staff of the agency respects remarkable traditions introduced by TASS veterans and it uses the newest technologies, implements interesting creative, educational, social projects, and expands international cooperation. "

"And most importantly, as in previous times, accuracy, efficiency and objectivity of information materials remain a brand style of the TASS central office and its bureaus in Russia and abroad," the Russian leader emphasized.

"You have all the right to be proud of history of the legendary TASS, many generations of predecessors - talented, enthusiastic, devoted to their chosen path people who always, in the most difficult conditions, have worthily fulfilled their duty, setting an example of the highest professionalism and a firm commitment to the principles of journalistic ethics," Putin emphasized. He noted that the agency’s employees over the years have made a great contribution to developing media in the country.

The Russian president wished TASS staff and veterans new success and all the best.

TASS: history and modern time

TASS began to operate as the St. Petersburg Telegraph Agency (SPTA) on September 1, 1904. It was renamed the Russian Telegraph Agency (ROSTA) in 1918. In 1925, the news agency received its legendary name - the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS). In summer 1996, its materials were posted on the Internet for the first time.

Currently, TASS boasts the largest correspondent network among Russian media: 63 bureaus operate in 60 countries. In South Africa, Australia, North Korea, Pakistan, Northern Macedonia, Colombia, Canada, the agency’s reporters are the only representatives of Russian media. Every day, the news agency publishes some 1,500 news, providing an unbiased coverage of events in Russia and the world.