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Putin praises work of Russian Federal Security Service

The president has thanked the Federal Security Service for keeping the development of Russia's new weapons a secret

MOSCOW, March 5. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin lauded the Federal Security Service (FSB) for keeping secret the development of new weapons he spoke about in his State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly.

"I want to note that we have succeeded in providing effective operational counter-intelligence cover for these large-scale projects. I want to thank you and all who participated in this responsible and complex work, thank you for this result while this work proceeded and is proceeding in uneasy conditions," the head of the Russian state said at an FSB board meeting.

As the Russian president said, in his State of the Nation Address to both houses of Russia’s parliament on March 1, he spoke about "new technologies and weapon systems designed to protect Russia and ensure strategic parity and thus enhance international security."

"The work on this modern technology had been going on for many years and it involved thousands of people, hundreds of design and research work collectives and industrial enterprises of Russia," Putin said.

Cyber threats 

Vladimir Putin has also urged the Federal Security Service to enhance the country’s protection from cyber threats.

"The protection of Russia’s cyber space from modern threats must be enhanced," Putin said. The Russian leader added that "for this the state-run system of identifying, preventing and eliminating the effects of computer attacks against Russia’s information resources must be improved."

Putin also demanded "raising the reliability of confidential communication lines connecting bodies of power and law enforcement agencies."

In particular, crude provocations and cyberattacks from outside, including those against the state automated election system GAS Vybory, will be possible in the run-up to the election and also the voting day, March 18, as follows from the annual report (obtained by TASS) of the temporary commission of the Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty and prevention of interference in Russia’s internal affairs.