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US mercenaries control Ukrainian forces in Seversk — LPR

According to LPR Interior Minister Aide Vitaly Kisilyov, currently, there are about six tactical Ukrainian Armed Forces battalions in Seversk

LUGANSK, June 29. /TASS/. US mercenaries completely control the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) group, deployed in Seversk, LPR Interior Minister Aide Vitaly Kisilyov told TASS Wednesday.

"Currently, there are about six tactical UAF battalions in Seversk, which will move towards Kramatorsk within the next 24 hours to aid in Slavyansk," Kisilyov said. "US PMCs totally control the combat actions: tell the battalions where to move and how."

He added that the LPR intelligence knows the US mercenaries’ movement route.

"According to our intelligence, insider information and information provided by the locals: the Americans move on large vehicles, equipped with anti-tank missiles or mortars," Kisilyov said. "They [US mercenaries] were deployed in the school number 2 in Seversk, then moved to the church past Seversk, to Serebryanka, to the woods. They return to Seversk at night," he added.

Earlier, Kisilyov told TASS that there are almost 200 foreign mercenaries in Seversk, most of them Poles. He also disclosed that, in the past 24 hours, about 500 Ukrainian servicemen, including mercenaries, fled from Lisichansk, surrounded by LPR and Russian forces, towards Seversk.

LPR envoy to Russia Rodion Miroshnik noted that, after full control is established over Lisichansk, the remaining Ukrainian forces will retreat towards Seversk. On Monday, a source close to LPR People’s Militia said that the Ukrainian forces fleeing from Lisichansk towards Seversk through Verkhnekamenka is being hit by fire of LPR and Russian forces, who keep this swath under fire control.