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BRICS International Financial and Economic Forum to open on May 27

It will gather about 700 guests from around the world

MOSCOW, May 27. /TASS/. The BRICS International Financial and Economic Forum (IFE Forum BRICS 2024) will open on Monday in Moscow and will gather about 700 guests from around the world. Tens of thousands of participants will connect to the event online. Ministers, representatives of diplomatic missions, company executives and experts will discuss the creation of independent financial instruments within the BRICS framework and business development amid global transformation.

According to the organizing committee of the forum, a resolution will be adopted on new payment, settlement, and emission activities of the countries of the association.

The organizers also noted that the main goals of the event will be to promote the smooth entry of BRICS countries into new markets, mutual trade and investment, as well as strengthening ties between business circles, governments and communities.

Agreements on interparliamentary cooperation between the BRICS states and their partners, major investment contracts between companies from Russia, Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, China, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and South Africa are also planned. Representatives of a number of countries that are not members of BRICS - Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, Peru, Tunisia - will also participate in the forum.