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Russian Navy gets lead cruise missile corvette

KALININGRAD, December 17. /TASS/. The Project 22800 lead missile corvette Mytishchi armed with Kalibr cruise missiles was accepted for service in the Russian Navy. The flag-raising ceremony aboard the warship was held in the Baltic Fleet’s main naval base of Baltiysk where it will operate, the Fleet’s press office told TASS on Monday.

"The Project 22800 newest small missile ship Mytishchi has been delivered to the Navy. The solemn ceremony of raising the St. Andrew’s flag for the first time was held aboard the warship built for the Baltic Fleet at the Pella Shipyard," the press office said.

By order of Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Koroloyov, the missile corvette Mytishchi has been included in the Baltic Fleet’s combat structure, the press office said.

The lead missile corvette Mytishchi will operate in the naval base’s brigade of missile ships and boats.

As was reported earlier, the warship completed state trials in the Baltic Sea and successfully held missile test-launches in the Barents Sea.

The Project 22800 ‘Karakurt’ warships have been designed by specialists of the Almaz design bureau and are being built for the Russian Navy. They displace about 800 tonnes and can develop a speed of over 30 knots. Overall, the Russian Navy is set to get 18 Karakurt-class corvettes.

These warships are green-water surface combatants that can accomplish missions in peacetime and wartime on their own and in interaction with other forces.

The corvettes of this class are distinguished by their high maneuverability and increased seaworthiness and their superstructures and the hull have been designed using the stealth technology.