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Armenia’s ruling party opposes Pashinyan’s candidacy for prime minister

Armenia’s parliament held a special session to elect a new prime minister

YEREVAN, May 1. /TASS/. Parliament members representing Armenia’s ruling Republican Party will vote against Nikol Pashinyan’s bid to become prime minister, head of the party’s parliamentary faction Vagram Bagdasaryan said, a TASS correspondent reports.

"Mr Pashinyan has failed to convince us," Bagdasaryan said. "We will vote against his candidacy, seeking to put an end to the negative wave that is about sweep across our country," he added.

"We understand and accept the people’s victory. We agree with criticism concerning social and economic issues. We have taken a step by refraining to nominate our candidate for prime minister," Bagdasaryan pointed out.

On Tuesday, Armenia’s parliament held a special session to elect a new prime minister. Pashinyan, nominated by the Elk parliamentary faction, was the only candidate. However, only 45 parliament members voted in his favor, while he needed to receive at least 53 votes to become prime minister.

Under Armenia’s legislation, in case parliament members fail to elect a prime minister, another round of voting should be held within seven days. If the second attempt also fails, the parliament must be dissolved.