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World, amid new threats, rediscovered high mission of doctors - Putin

"We bow down to their service, courage, and unlimited sacrifice. Many of them deserve the highest honors", Russian President said

MOSCOW, June 12. / TASS /. Modern challenges have forced the world to rediscover the high mission of doctors who deserve the highest awards, said Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday at the Heroes of Labor awards ceremony in Moscow.

"The modern world, faced with new challenges and threats, rethought a lot, in fact, we all felt and discovered for ourselves the high mission of people in white coats, doctors, nurses, hospital workers, clinics, ambulances. We bow down to their service, courage, and unlimited sacrifice. Many of them deserve the highest honors, " the President said.

Speaking about one of the Heroes of Labor, the head of the Research Institute for Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Leonid Roshal, President Putin noted that Roshal devoted himself entirely to the noble cause of saving lives and helping children. The President added that Roshal "is rightly called the golden hands and the heart of Russian medicine."

"You are always there where it is difficult, where the highest qualifications, courage, an unconventional approach and participation are required, you share your good energy with everyone around. The highest recognition is deserving of your active participation in organizing emergency surgical and trauma care for children, your contribution to the development of pediatric science and child health protection systems," added President Putin.

Labor Heroes

While addressing the ceremony participants President Putin emphasized that they are fully committed to their profession, their chosen cause, and achieve outstanding results in industry, sports, healthcare and culture, and contribute to the country's sustainable development through their successes.

In particular, he noted the merits of Leonid Belykh, who has headed the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, where Mi helicopters have been manufactured, for more than two decades. According to Putin, now "the enterprise is steadily increasing its capacity, is one of the flagships of the domestic aviation industry, and is releasing new models of civilian and combat helicopters."

Putin also pointed to the "bright labor victories and achievements" of the operator of the control post of the hot rolling mill of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant, Alexander Motorin, "a metallurgist with truly invaluable professional experience."

President Putin also extended special thanks to the artistic director of the State Academic Maly Theater Yuri Solomin. "You've become a talented director and a brilliant actor, on the stage and in the movies you played dozens of really vivid, memorable roles that conquer with their depth and endless charm,"said he.