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Second launch of heavy Angara rocket postponed until November 28 — source

The launch window has been set for November 20-29

MOSCOW, October 31. /TASS/. The second test launch of the Angara-A5 heavy rocket from the Plesetsk space center in northwestern Russia was tentatively postponed from November 24 to November 28, a rocket and space industry source told TASS.

"The launch is tentatively scheduled for November 28," the source said.

At the same time, the source added that the launch window has been set for November 20-29, and "the final decision about the date of the blastoff will be made later."

Earlier, a rocket and space industry source told TASS that Angara-A5 will lift off on November 24.

Russian space agency Roscosmos said in August that preparations for flight tests of the Angara-A5 rocket began at Plesetsk in August.

The Angara is a family of next-generation Russian space rockets. It consists of light, medium and heavy carrier rockets with a lifting capacity of up to 37.5 tonnes. The new family of rockets uses environmentally-friendly propellant components. So far, Russia has carried out only two Angara launches, both of them from the Plesetsk spaceport: a light Angara-1.2PP blasted off in July 2014 and its heavy version lifted off in December 2014.