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Moscow demands confirmation whether Russians were among Odessa victims

MOSCOW, May 3 (Itar-Tass) - Moscow urged Kiev to give more information whether Russians were among Odessa fire victims, otherwise the report would be viewed as a new attempt to blame Russia for everything, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

Ukrainian media reported that 15 of the victims in Odessa were Russian citizens who allegedly had participated in protests.

"A question arises on what materials such conclusions are based. If all the victims are identified and there are confirming documents, they must be immediately made public, but not playing on feelings of relatives of the victims and trying to stir up emotions among people who are already pushed to the edge of the abyss.

"If there were no identification and no documents, then such a statement is another attempt to convince the public of some 'Russian trace' found in Odessa protest meetings.

"Such intention to blame Russia for everything at any cost, even at the cost of cruelly killed people, is prompted by the attempt to remove the responsibility from the Kiev leadership for what is happening in Ukraine," the Russian Foreign Ministry noted.