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No sovereignty, no professionals in German leadership, says Putin

The Russian President noted that Germany "swallows" attacks from its "allies" because Berlin has no sovereignty

SIRIUS /Federal Territory/, November 30. /TASS/. Germany "swallows up" the attacks from its "allies" as Berlin has no sovereignty and some of its high-ranking officials have no sufficient training, and the world laughs at them, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with young scientists, commenting on Europe’s refusal from Russian energy imports.

According to the Russian president, European countries either have cut themselves off cheap energy sources, or "this has been done by their allies from the United States that turned off the tap of Russian energy supplies for political reasons."

In addition, Putin mentioned the sabotage on the Nord Stream gas system and the fact that Poland and Ukraine had blocked the gas pipelines in their territories.

"[The Ukrainian authorities] receive money from Europe, from Germany, including for weapons and pensions, for social payments and salaries, but they have turned off the gas flow from Russia which they (Germany - TASS) need so much," the Russian president said.

"And the Germans swallow this up, as what do not they have? Sovereignty. And some senior government officials seem to have no sufficient professional training to make high-quality professional decisions. They are well-known and the entire world laughs at them. I am not going to give names, but the whole world does laugh," the president emphasized.