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Kremlin spokesman dismisses Zelensky’s claims Russia wants to start war in Mideast

Dmitry Peskov stressed that Vladimir Zelensky's statements have "absolutely no grounds at all"

MOSCOW, October 10. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's statements that Russia allegedly wants to start a war in the Middle East have no grounds, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has told the media.

In response to a question about how the Kremlin saw the Ukrainian president's claims that Russia’s alleged aim was to trigger a war in the Middle East, Peskov said: "Negatively. They have absolutely no grounds at all."

Middle East situation

The latest aggravation of the situation in the Middle East began on October 7 with the attack of Hamas militants from the Gaza Strip on the territory of Israel. According to the latest official data, the clashes and bombardments left almost 700 Palestinians dead and over 3,700 wounded and more than 900 Israelis were killed and about 2,600 wounded.

Hamas said its attack was in response to Israeli actions against the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Jerusalem's Temple Mount. Israel has announced a state of readiness for war and for a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip.