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Kremlin praises Putin-Biden talks as constructive - aide

Yury Ushakov noted that the presidents were well prepared for the conversation

MOSCOW, December 31. / TASS /. The Kremlin is satisfied with the talks between Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Joe Biden of the US, viewing them as constructive, Assistant to the President of Russia for Foreign Policy Yury Ushakov stated.

"Overall, we are satisfied with the conversation, since it was frank, meaningful and specific. I would say that <…> these talks were quite constructive," Ushakov said.

The Kremlin aide noted that the presidents were well prepared for the conversation, it was "really serious, although it was quite natural that the leaders congratulated each other on New Year’s holidays, wishing success to the Russian and American peoples."

"It is important that the American side has demonstrated its willingness to understand the logic and essence of Russian concerns <…>," the Kremlin aide stated.

Speaking about the progress in reaching a compromise, Ushakov noted that "it was not yet clear what could be considered as a compromise." "<…> The main thing for us is not to reach a compromise but to ensure the security guarantees that we urgently need," the Kremlin aide said.