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Union State secretary describes EU resolution on Belarus as meddling in sovereign affairs

According to him, the European Parliament’s resolution will have no effect on integration talks

MOSCOW, October 8. /TASS/. The European Parliament’s resolution that condemns Russian-Belarusian integration is an unprecedented example of interference into affairs of sovereign countries, State Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev has told TASS.

In his words, "EU citizens, who elected European Parliament deputies, have the right to expect them solving acute topical problems that worry millions of people in 27 countries of the continent."

"Strikingly, EU development perspectives were not what European Parliament members outlined as their area of concern on October 7. Instead, they chose strategic cooperation plans of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, linked by the Union Treaty since December 1999. This move is an unprecedented example of de-facto interference into the affairs of two sovereign and independent countries, whom Western partners consistenly subject to illegitimate policy of pressure with sanctions," Mezentsev said.

"Strasbourg appears to be failing to notice challenges and threats of the modern world - COVID-19, terrorism and cybersecurity issues, migration crisis, inconsistencies in implementing the UN-promoted global Sustainable Development Program, and lots of other problems and differences," the official continued.

According to him, the European Parliament’s resolution will have no effect on integration talks.

"It would be naive to think that a document adopted by the European Parliament can somehow slow down the negotiation process on economy-related integration agenda, which is being successfully conducted by Belarus and Russia, or to affect Moscow and Minsk’s measures to strengthen cooperation for the benefit of regional security and defense potential," the Union State secretary said.

In a resolution, adopted in Strasbourg on Thursday, the European Parliament demanded new measures to be introduced against Russia, should it continue to support Belarus. The European Parliament also cautioned Russia and Belarus against further negotiations on deeper integration.