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Russian lower house speaker warns of danger of radicalism in politics

The speaker recalled that many countries have developed immunity against radicalism

MOSCOW, April 26. /TASS/. Speaker of Russia’s State Duma (lower house of parliament) Vyacheslav Volodin has warned political parties about the danger of radicalism and recruiting radicals into their ranks, even in exchange for an increase in the number of votes during elections.

"Radicalism in politics is destructive. This is the path to major problems, both for society and for the state," he said on his Telegram channel on Monday in a publication dedicated to Day of Russian Parliamentarism.

The speaker recalled that "many countries have developed immunity against radicalism, politicians adhering to radical views are considered to be toxic, and none of the parties that have a chance to gain power invites them to join its ranks, even in exchange for a potential increase in the number of votes in its support."

In the run-up to the election campaign to the State Duma, Volodin also drew attention to the importance of lawmakers’ responsibility for honoring their campaign promises. "It is essential to ensure that everyone who seeks to be elected comes up with a specific program for the development of his constituency, and then, if supported by voters, does his utmost to implement it," he stressed.

Day of Russian Parliamentarism is marked on April 27. Elections to Russia’s State Duma will be held in September 2021.