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Fire at research institute in Tver extinguished — source

Causes of the fire are being established

TASS, April 22. Firefighters have extinguished a blaze at the Central Research Institute of the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces in Tver, a source in the emergency services told TASS.

"At 07:33, it was announced that the fire was completely extinguished," the source said.

The effort to remove and wet down burnt structures is being carried out now, he added. Causes of the fire are also being established.

According to the latest reports, six people were killed and 24 others sustained injuries in the blaze. Thirteen people are being kept at hospitals, while 11 have been given outpatient care.

On Thursday, a blaze erupted at an office located on the institute’s second floor. By the time firefighters arrived the building was covered in heavy smoke. Hot temperatures and a very heavy smoke inside the building complicated the effort to put out the fire that engulfed an area of 2,500 square meters. Preliminary reports say a short circuit could have been the cause, while the fact that firefighters were late to arrive might have allowed the fire to spread to a larger area. Military prosecutors have launched a probe.