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Tanker with Russian crew in distress in Black Sea — Moldovan Maritime Agency

At the moment, the crew of a tanker has been rescued

KISHINEV, February 25. /TASS/. The Russian crew of a tanker under a Moldovan flag is in distress in the Black Sea, the Moldovan Maritime Agency reported on Friday.

"The ship Millenial Spirit IMO Nr. 7392610 (chemical tanker) under the flag of the Republic of Moldova while in the neutral waters of the Black Sea (46°22.221'N, 031°07.095'E) was hit by a shell (from an unknown direction)," the report said.

It notes that a fire broke out on board the ship, equipment and lifeboats were destroyed. The Russian crew left the vessel in life jackets. Rescue efforts are currently underway by nearby ships.

According to Moldovan Maritime Agency, the crew of a tanker has been rescued.

"Thanks to the rescue operation carried out by the Ukrainian authorities, the crew members were saved. Two crew members are in serious condition," the report said.

As the Moldavan Maritime Agency earlier reported, the Millenial Spirit (chemical tanker), while in neutral waters, "was hit by a shell from an unknown direction." A fire broke out on board the ship and the crew consisting of ten members left it in life jackets.