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Large-scale investment projects to have priority in using NWF resources — Putin

National Welfare Fund resources totaled 4.388 trillion rubles ($63.6 billion) on January 1, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin said

MOSCOW, February 3. /TASS/. Large-scale investment projects shall have priority in using resources of the National Welfare Fund (NWF), Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"We should use these resources for national needs in the first instance and we discussed what can provide an integrated structural effect for the whole economy of the Russian Federation. These are the large-scale infrastructural projects as a matter of priority," Vladimir Putin said at the meeting on economic matters.

NWF resources totaled 4.388 trillion rubles ($63.6 billion) on January 1, 2015, Putin added.

Providing aid to Russian production, labor market, financial sector are key priorities in anti-crisis plan, though economic growth should be ensured as well, the president stressed.