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Google ready to comply with Russian laws — watchdog

Google’s representative confirmed readiness to comply with Russian laws

MOSCOW, November 14. /TASS/. Google’s representative confirmed readiness of the US company to comply with Russian laws, Deputy Head of the Russian telecom regulator Roskomnadzor Vadim Subbotin told TASS on Wednesday after talks with representative of the corporation Doron Avni.

"Google, reasoning from statements of the representative, is ready to adhere to Russian laws," the official said.

The company passed information to the Russian regulator that will complement the administrative violation case. "We discussed certain nuances and also agreed upon certain interaction. We will take into account the update given to us today by colleagues from Google when running the administrative violation case. This was important information for us," Subbotin noted.

The watchdog invited the corporation to join the anti-piracy memorandum, the official said. "We invited colleagues to join and will wait for their formal response," Subbotin said. Google is positive in respect of any methods related to copyright protection, he added.

Google elected not to give comments to TASS regarding the meeting.

The regulator said earlier that Google can get a fine of 500-700 thousand rubles ($7,400-10,300) for refusal to connect to the Federal State Information System of Russia with the list of websites blocked in Russia. Google was to be connected to the system for exclusion of blocked websites from search results.