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Ukraine's military resumes bombardment of the town of Shchastye near Lugansk - media

The bombardment involves heavy guns

LUGANSK, June 23, 2:32 /ITAR-TASS/. Ukraine's military on Sunday night resumed artillery bombardment of the town of Shchastye in Lugansk Region, the Novorossiya news agency reported.

"Artillery bombardment of the area of Shchastye, a satellite town of Lugansk, was started at about 22:45, local time. The bombardment involves heavy guns," the report said. According to the agency, the sounds of bombardment are heard even in the center of Lugansk.

"Windows in the houses are shaking from bursts. As compared with the shelling the night before, the bombardment sounds, it seems, have approached closer to Lugansk," the agency pointed out.

Earlier, an official in the press service of the proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) reported that, despite the ceasefire declared by President Pyotr Poroshenko, the troops of Ukraine's National Guard on Sunday fired from mortars on the Ananyevka Village, Sverdlov District. The village is located not far from the border point "Krasny Partizan", which Volunteer Corps members (VCM) brought under their control.

The press service of the proclaimed republic also stated that VCM had managed to destory a column of armoured vehicles ofUkraine's security forces, including two tanks, in the area of Melovoye Township on the same day.