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Federalization supporters force Ukraine’s national guards off Slavyansk

Gunshots were heard in the vicinity of Slavyansk

SLAVYANSK, May 04 /ITAR-TASS/. Self-defence forces in the town of Slavyansk in Ukraine’s southeastern Donetsk region on Sunday forced unites of the Ukrainian national guards off the town.

Gunshots were heard in the vicinity of Slavyansk. So far, there is no information about casualties.

Slavyansk’s self-defence forces plan to take control of a traffic police station and a filling station in a Slavyansk suburb that earlier harboured armoured vehicles of the Kiev-controlled army units, Yevgeny Gobik, a representative of the self-defence force, told Itar-Tass. “According to our information, armoured vehicles have left those stations. If there is infantry, we will push them off,” he said.

The Ukrainian troops are controlling the television tower in Slavyansk. The area is spotted with snipers. Hummer cars are seen in the vicinity.