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Those plotting coup in Germany planned to create new army — prosecutor general

According to Peter Frank, individual members of the military wing had been active in the Bundeswehr in the past

BERLIN, December 7. /TASS/. The detainees in the case of preparation of a coup d'etat in Germany planned to create a new army, German Public Prosecutor General Peter Frank said at a press conference on Wednesday.

During a Welt TV broadcats, he noted that the plotters had set up a government-like council "which was supposed to work out a new statehood and a new state structure." "As far as we know, its military wing was to create a new German army," he said. According to him, individual members of this military wing had been active in the Bundeswehr in the past.

At the same time, Frank stressed that arrest warrants had already been issued against eight detainees. Among them is the dynastic Prince Reuss Heinrich XIII.

On December 7, the German Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office reported foiling a plot to overthrow the country’s government. As part of a large-scale operation involving about 3,000 policemen, Germany’s special services detained 25 out of more than 50 people suspected of plotting a coup. A female Russian national, Vitaliya B., who allegedly helped the suspects contact Russian representatives, is among the detainees.

During the operation, Germany’s biggest ever, searches were conducted in more than 130 houses and apartments across 11 out of the country’s 16 federal states. The terrorist cell proved to be a large network and included a descendant of Prussian princes, a politician, senior military officers, and the Defense Ministry’s special troops. The plotters had set up a government-like council and had a military wing. Besides, they actively recruited supporters from among the army and the police.

The members of the cell allegedly planned an assault on the country’s parliament (Bundestag) using a small armed group.