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Kiev needs Izyum provocation for video content for Western media — LPR leader

Pasechnik warned that Kiev might stage new Bucha-like provocations in Kupyansk and other communities

LUGANSK, September 17. /TASS/. The Kiev regime needs the provocation in Izyum involving the alleged discovery of a mass grave just for the sake of photo and video content for the Western mass media, while nobody is going to conduct an investigation in earnests, the leader of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Leonid Pasechnik, told TASS on Saturday.

The Ukrainian authorities did not even need a preliminary conclusion regarding the causes of people’s death to blame the massacre on Russia.

"But this is unnecessary for creating video content for the Western media. They just need victims. Ukraine then will point to killers at its sole discretion. Everybody is expected take what it says for granted. And then there will happen again what we saw in Bucha last spring: in a few days’ time everybody on the Western and Ukrainian TV channels will forget about these victims. No one will even conduct any investigation," Pasechnik said. "This demonstrates the real worth of the Kiev regime."

Pasechnik warned that Kiev might stage new Bucha-like provocations in Kupyansk and other communities.

"It was quite obvious that in Izyum, Kupyansk and other communities the Kiev regime would prepare provocations using Bucha as an example," Pasechnik said.

On April 3, the Russian Defense Ministry denied Kiev’s accusations the Russian army was responsible for killing civilians in Bucha. It said that the Russian army had left Bucha on March 30, while "evidence of crimes" appeared only four days later, when agents of the Ukrainian security service SBU arrived in the city. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in turn, called the Bucha incident a "fake news attack". He pointed out that Moscow viewed the situation in Bucha as a provocation that threatened international peace and security.

On September 14, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky recorded a video message in English in which he stated that a mass grave had allegedly been found in Izyum.