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‘Betrayed Russia’s trust’: Turkish politician blasts Ankara for inking Nordic NATO deal

According to Dogu Perincek, "by saying ‘yes’ to NATO expansion, Turkey jeopardized" relations that have been built for years

ANKARA, June 29. /TASS/. The Erdogan administration undermined the trust of a number of states, including Russia, by signing the recent deal with Sweden and Finland, paving the way for them to join NATO, Dogu Perincek, head of the Patriotic Party of Turkey, told TASS.

"By signing the memorandum with Sweden and Finland, Turkey betrayed the trust of Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and China, who act as a united front against the NATO threat. Turkey must act out of common interests with these countries whom NATO’s actions are aimed against," the Turkish politician stressed.

According to Perincek, "by saying ‘yes’ to NATO expansion, it jeopardized" relations that have been built for years.

The Patriotic Party, which currently has no seats in the Turkish parliament, actively opposes allied relations with the West, primarily with the US.

Previously, the political movement carried out protests near NATO’s sites in the country and called on the Turkish authorities to establish total control over the NATO-operated Kurecik Radar Station, and to fully take over the Incirlik Air Base and send US servicemen stationed there home within 15 days.