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Russian journalist included into notorious doxing database after visit to Ukraine

Secretary of the Russian Union of Journalist Timur Shafir said the reopening of the website constitutes a blatant violation of Russian journalists’ rights

KIEV, December 13. /TASS/. Ukraine’s notorious doxing website Mirotvorets included Izvestia journalist Alexei Lazurenko into its database after his visit to Ukraine.

The database identifies the Russian journalist as "a participant of the special information campaign by the aggressor nation [the status given to Russia in Ukraine by a parliamentary decree] against the president of Ukraine and of propaganda events against Ukraine."

On December 10, the notorious Ukrainian website declared that it was closing public access to its key resource, which published the names and addresses of people, whom its creators deemed as Ukraine’s enemies. The website’s administrators announced that they were shutting down all its servers and their "mirror" versions.

Secretary of the Russian Union of Journalist Timur Shafir said the reopening of the website constitutes a blatant violation of Russian journalists’ rights.

"The Mirotvorets database is among the key criteria that drive a wedge between our people and our nations and incites conflict between them," he said. "If the reports of the resumption of Mirotvorets work are indeed true, this can only be described as a most blatant violation of rights not only of journalists, but also of citizens of other states. The issue of the database existence should be referred to the head of the Ukrainian state."

"Mirotvorets is the first issue that must be closed by the government of Ukraine," Shafir added.

Mirotvorets has no official status, but, in practice, Ukrainian border guards consult with its database to decide whether an individual can be allowed to enter Ukraine. For example, NTV journalist Sergei Savin, who was earlier included into the database, was not allowed to enter Ukraine on Friday. Other members of his camera crew were allowed to cross the border with no trouble.

On December 12, Mirotvorets said it would include journalists of Russian TV channels - Channel One, Rossiya-1, Rossiya-24, NTV-Mir, Zvezda, Life and RT - into its database "by default."

Mirotvorets (Peacekeeper) website was launched in 2014 to publish personal data of everyone allegedly posing a threat to Ukraine’s national security. Over the past years, the website has put on its blacklist personal data of journalists, celebrities and politicians, who visited Crimea, Donbass and angered the authors of Mirotvorets due to some reasons. Although it is not an official Internet resource, Ukrainian border guards often barred people on the Mirotvorets list from entering the country.

After the murder of journalist Oles Buzina and politician Oleg Kalashnikov, whose personal data, including addresses, had been published on this resource shortly before the crime, an investigation was launched against the website’s staff. The project was temporarily closed following the EU demands. But later Mirotvorets resumed its work despite numerous protests. According to media reports, the website was initiated by former Ukrainian MP Anton Geraschenko, who is now Deputy Ukrainian Interior Minister. In Russia, access to the website has been closed under the court’s ruling.