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Hainan will hold Flower Exchanging Festival in Haikou for this year’s Lantern Festival

Authorities have scheduled 13 events, Xinhua news agency reported

HAIKOU /China/, February 3. /TASS/. The administrative center of Hainan province, Haikou city, will hold Flower Exchanging Festival on the occasion of the Lantern Festival, which will be celebrated in China on February 5, Xinhua News Agency reported.

According to the agency, authorities have planned a total of 13 events. They will take place in the Qiongshan district, which has long been regarded as the political and economic center of the city. It is noted that one of the main tasks is to create a festive atmosphere, which will allow tourists and locals to catch the charm of local traditions, to feel the specifics of Hainan culture.

In order to maintain public order and prevent accidents during the events in the city will be mobilized law enforcement officers, as well as rescuers. The police plan to patrol the most crowded places.

Volunteers will also be involved assisting government agencies. A total of 11 operational service points have been created on the territory of the district, with staff ready to assist the residents in emergencies at any time.

Lantern Festival (Yuan Xiao Jie in Chinese) in China is celebrated on the 15th day after the Eastern New Year and is considered the end of the traditional two-week revelry on this occasion.