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Migrants still try to enter EU through Belarus, Lukashenko says

The migration crisis at the Belarusian border with the EU escalated in November 2021

MINSK, January 25. /TASS/. The problem of migration on the Belarusian border is not over, and refugees continue to enter the EU through Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko said during his meeting with the National Academy of Sciences Tuesday.

"Don’t even think that we are provoking anyone. If we are fighting with them about the refugees there, it does not mean that I’ve brought them from Somalia. One could think that the refugee situation is over, but this is only an illusion," Lukashenko said. "They keep coming, just like they did before. They go directly."

The migration crisis at the Belarusian border with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland escalated on November 8, 2021. Several thousand people, including migrants from the Middle East and Africa, approached the Polish border and attempted to enter the Polish territory, breaking the barbed wire fence. During the last year, Polish border security thwarted almost 40,000 attempts of illegal border crossing, which is 400 times more than one year earlier.