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Water rises to more than six meters in Biysk, the Republic of Altai

The situation is not critical the city administration reports

BARNAUL, June 01 /ITAR-TASS/. The water level in the city of Biysk, the Altai territory, rose by 21 centimeters to reach a mark of 6 meters 15 centimeters in six hours, the city administration reports, adding the situation is not critical.

A total of 2,405 people, including 417 children, have found themselves in the flood area. Rescuers have evacuated 247 people. Most of them are staying at their relatives or friends. Fifteen have been accommodated at temporary dwelling centers.

The upper course of the Biya River, located in the Republic of Altai, has also been hit by floods. The water near the populated localities has started falling.