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Shelling attacks by Ukrainian troops in DPR kill 11, wound 48 in past week

A DPR lawmaker, Maria Pirogova, died in one such attack

DONETSK, December 6. /TASS/. Eleven civilians have been killed and 48 more have been wounded in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) as a result of shelling attacks by Ukrainian troops over the past week, the DPR foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

"Donetsk and other cities in the republic are coming under terrible, unprecedented shelling attacks. In the past week alone, eleven people were killed and 48 more were wounded. These are innocent civilians - children, teenagers, and the elderly," it wrote on its Telegram channel.

According to the ministry, Donetsk has been shelled by Ukrainian troops since Tuesday morning. A DPR lawmaker, Maria Pirogova, died in one such attack. "It is a huge tragedy <…> not only for the parliament, but for the entire republic as well. Maria was a person of great distinction. Despite her young age, she did as many good deeds as others do in an entire lifetime," the ministry said.