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Hainan's city of Sanya became popular destination for tourist paragliding

According to the Hainan Daily newspaper, some of Sanya's flying bases, designed for paragliding and light helicopter tourists, serve more than 300 vacationers a day

HAIKOU /China/, January 27. /TASS/. The resort town of Sanya on the southern coast of Hainan Island has become a popular place in China for tourist paragliding over the Golden Week on the occasion of the Lunar New Year (January 22). This was reported by the Hainan Daily newspaper.

According to its reports, some of Sanya's flying bases, designed for paraglider and light helicopter tourist flights, serve more than 300 vacationers a day. "Hainan is developing a free trade port, and Sanya is creating a tourist mecca. This means that we need to constantly upgrade the products we offer vacationers," commented Bo Danfeng, a representative of the local tourism industry.

The official noted that tourism in Sanya has been rapidly developing in recent years, thanks to the support of the authorities. On the one hand, the level of traditional beach vacations is constantly increasing, on the other hand, tours with visits to a number of local attractions are becoming increasingly popular, including trips that allow a good insight into the island's tropical agriculture.

Official rules state that paraglider and helicopter flights for tourists in Sanya are organized strictly according to weather conditions.

Sanya is China's leading resort with a population of more than 1 million people. During the first three quarters of 2022, its gross product was 58.16 billion yuan (about $8.6 billion), an increase of 2.3%. The city has an average annual temperature of 25.4 degrees Celsius and a coastline of more than 200 kilometers. There are 19 bays and about 40 islands suitable for recreation in the surrounding waters, all of which enable the local government to successfully develop yacht tourism and beach recreation.