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Armenia, Russia agreed on gas price — Deputy PM

Gazprom is the sole gas supplier to Armenia

YEREVAN, October 19. /TASS/. Armenia and Russia came to terms in respect of the price for gas supplied to Armenia, Deputy Prime Minister of the country Mger Grigoryan told reporters on Tuesday. 

"Negotiations on gas prices are the ongoing process. We reached an agreement for the gas price on the border and on the territory of Armenia. Negotiations are being held since 2019. Discussions were fairly deep and we reached consensus on a number of issues," the official said.

Gazprom is the sole gas supplier to Armenia. Gazprom Armenia company make fuel deliveries on the domestic market. The Russian gas price increased from $150 to $165 per 1,000 cubic meters since January 1, 2019. Gas is sold at a higher price to private consumers on the basis of state taxes and expenses of Gazprom Armenia.