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Hainan's tea brand Wuzhishan goes global

Hainan's black tea is subject to strict rules of storage, packaging and transportation

HAIKOU, September 11. /TASS/. Chinese province of Hainan goes global with its black tea brand Wuzhishan, made in the mountanous area in central part of the island, reported. 

“We promote greater brand awareness by improving the quality of the product, by bettering the technique of collecting and processing tea leaves,” said a representative of the provincial department of agriculture.

According to the official, Hainan's black tea is subject to strict rules of storage, packaging and transportation. "Over the past 20 years, tea bushes have been grown in the Wuzhishan region in specific environment, while the technology of fermentation and drying the leaves have been improved as well," the official said.

For several years, the Hainan authorities have been actively developing eco-tourism in this picturesque part of the island. Visitors are invited to enjoy piece nad quiet away from the big city life, and at the same time get acquainted with the process of making tea. The Hainan administration actively promotes the development of this area, providing financial assistance to local businesses and stimulating the issuance of soft bank loans.

"We created a product that has become a symbol of the tourism industry here and is saturated with the Wuzhishan culture," said Wu Qinglei, head of the local tourism department.

Wuzhishan is a mountainous area with special climatic conditions, covered with thick forests. There are more than 10 tea plantations, their area exceeding 8.500 meters (more than 566 hectares). They provide living to more than a thousand households. Due to its specific taste, this variety of tea has already gained fame both in the province and abroad.