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Russian Navy to get 26 warships, boats this year - Putin

The activity aimed at strengthening and upgrading the Navy will continue, Russian President said

ST. PETERSBURG, June 29./TASS/. This year, "the Russian Navy will get 26 new warships, boats and vessels, four of them equipped with Kalibr missiles," Russian President Vladimir Putin told a reception marking Russian Navy Day on Sunday.

The president reiterated that this year four naval surface ships, a counter-terror boat and three logistics vessels have already entered service in the Russian Navy.

"A good pace of re-equipment and upgrading is a great merit of the people working in our shipbuilding sector, the result of their professionalism and responsibility," the president said.

He also added that the fleet infrastructure is also developing to meet the present-day demands.

The Kalibr cruise missiles fly at extremely low altitude and bypass terrain relief. The trajectory helps break through adversary air defense.

Strengthening and upgrading

The activity aimed at strengthening and upgrading the Russian Navy will continue, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"High combat readiness and efficiency of the Navy is a major component for ensuring the country’s fighting capacity, its security and security of the nationals of our state. And of course, we will continue taking measures aimed at strengthening and developing the fleet, making it better equipped," the president told a gala reception in St. Petersburg marking Russia’s Navy Day.

Putin stressed that the profession of a navy man has always been held in high esteem in Russia, personifying courage, heroism and dedication.

"This respect is deserved. Everybody knows how hard and responsible the naval service is. This is the service in harsh conditions, often away from the next-of-kin for a long time," he added.

However, the great goal of the service of the country has always been and is above all for those serving in the Navy, he stressed.