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Moscow radio host stabbed in studio 'in grave condition'

The assailant claims that the female journalist used telepathy to sexually harass him

MOSCOW, October 23. /TASS/. Ekho Moskvy radio host Tatyana Felgengauer, stabbed by an intruder armed with a knife at the radio station’s studio in downtown Moscow Monday afternoon, remains in grave condition, Director of the Sklifosovsky Emergency Medical Care Research Institute, Sergey Petrikov, told the Rossiya-24 television news channel.

"The patient has been brought to our institute. I must say her condition is grave," he said adding that all necessary diagnostic measures and treatment were being taken.

According to detectives, a man armed with a knife barged into the Ekho Moskvy radio station on Novy Arbat Street to attack radio host Tatyana Felgengauer and stab her in the neck. The company’s security staff detained the attacker and turned him over to the police. Felgengauer was rushed to the hospital.

The Moscow police said the perpetrator in custody was a foreign national.

Also, law enforcement sources told TASS the man looked mentally ill.

"When questioned, he identified himself as Boris Grits. His answers to questions sounded strange. Most likely, he suffers from a mental disorder and is insane," the source said.

Asked if he knew his victim, the man said that he had telepathic contact with the woman since 2012.

"He claims that the female journalist used telepathy to sexually harass him," the police said. The perpetrator will undergo a psychiatric examination.