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People’s militia, National Guard units clash near Donetsk railway station

Earlier, eight combat helicopters and two fighter aircraft were seen over the city

DONETSK, May 26. /ITAR-TASS/. Donetsk self-defense forces and National Guard units clash near the railway station of Donetsk. Shooting and explosions can be heard from that area in a reported attempt of Ukraine’s law enforces go get into the city.

Meanwhile, fighting is in progress between people’s militia and law enforces on the outskirts of the city and in nearby settlements. Self-defense units have brought down a military helicopter, which airlifted National Guard fighters to the airport, near the settlement of Peski, 5 km from the airport of Donetsk.

Fighting is in progress in the settlement of Grobari (8 km from the airport) and Avdeyevka (10 km from the airport). Clashes are also under way on Stratonavtov Street (500 m from the airport), where a group of Russian and foreign reporters came under fire earlier.

Fighting continues with the use of sub-machine and machine-guns, as well as grenade launchers.

The zone of cordoned-off areas has broadened, and Donetsk law enforcement officers ask all drivers to U-turn and drive towards the city center, picking up on their way people from the areas that come under fire. Earlier, eight combat helicopters as well as two fighter aircraft were seen over the city. According to people’s militia of Donetsk, National Guard units have seized the airport territory. Snipers are shooting on the perimeter, from tall buildings in the vicinity.