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Russian Railways CEO agrees to become candidate to Kaliningrad region senator post

The businessman may become representative of the Kaliningrad region in the upper chamber of the Russian parliament
Vladimir Yakunin Artyom Korotayev/TASS
Vladimir Yakunin
© Artyom Korotayev/TASS

KALININGRAD, August 17. /TASS /. Russian Railways’ CEO Vladimir Yakunin has given his written consent to become a candidate to the post of the senator from the Kaliningrad region, Vasily Rotar, a spokesman with of the election commission told TASS on Monday.

The region’s acting governor Nikolay Tsukanov, who is to run for this post in September, has submitted his list of candidates for the post of the senator to the election commission, Rotar said.

He said that if Tsukanov wins the regional elections and becomes the governor he will decide who of the three candidates will represent the region in the Federation Council.

The Federation Council is the upper chamber of the Russian parliament.

Rotar added that in order to approve the candidacy of Yakunin and two other candidates inquiries will be sent to the Federal Migration Service, the Interior Ministry and other agencies to obtain information to confirm the information, which was presented by the candidates. In particular, it concerns citizenship, income, property of a candidate and property of his family members, he added.

Earlier on Monday, Nikolay Tsukanov, acting governor of the Kaliningrad region has put forward Vladimir Yakunin as a candidate to the members of the Federation Council from that region. Other candidates are Mayor of Kaliningrad Alexander Yaroshuk and the current member of the Federation Council Oleg Tkach.

Under the Russian law, newly elected leaders of the regions appoint the representatives to the Federation Council. A governor appoints a senator not later than the next day after his inauguration.

The election of the governor of the Kaliningrad region will be held on September 13.

Earlier on Monday, Vadim Tyulpanov, head of the Federation Council Committee, said that Yakunin would have to leave the Russian Railways if he is elected as a member of the Federation Council.