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Claims about Russia's involvement in shelling Syrian village groundless — Defense Ministry

Media outlets have reported more than 40 people were killed in an airstrike

MOSCOW, March 17. /TASS/. A picture, showing fragments of the US AGM-114 Hellfire in Syria's village of Al-Jinah, where dozens were killed, does not leave room for anti-Russian rhetoric and requires comments from the US, spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov said on Friday.

Some media outlets have reported more than 40 people were killed in an airstrike in that village. At the same time, the media said they could not rule out Russia’s involvement in the tragedy.

"All of a sudden, here is a picture showing a fragment of air-to-surface AGM-114 Hellfire missile," he said. "This does not leave any chances to the international coalition to keep silent like usually and to invite diplomats to exercise in anti-Russian rhetoric."

"I believe, quite soon will come respective comments from the American counterparts," he said.

"Tragic mistakes, where civilians may be killed, happen at any war, but last night’s incident in Syria’s Al-Jinah village has proved once again the leading foreign media before publishing anti-Russian claims should do their work professionally - to study facts thoroughly and always to get to the truth," he added.