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Putin says he is looking forward to Angela Merkel’s visit

Vladimir Putin stated that Russian authorities had always maintained close contact with the German leadership

MOSCOW, March 9. /TASS/. Moscow is looking forward to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: 

"We are looking forward to Madam General Chancellor’s visit, please convey our best wishes to her." 

Russia and Germany share the common goal of achieving full normalization of their relations, Putin added as he received Germany’s visiting Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in Moscow.

"We are well aware of the current state of our relations. As far as I understand, our common goal is to return these relations to normal and to resolve all the complexities that we encounter," Putin said. 

The Russian authorities, he stated, maintained close contact with the German leadership. At the current meeting he hoped to discuss ways of restoring bilateral relations "in bilateral terms and from the standpoint of tasks that can be addressed only together." 

"I would deliver the invitation to the Federal Chancellor with great pleasure and I hope that the opportunity for her visit will offer itself," Gabriel said. "I believe that the Federal President is going to come here, too."

Putin said that Russia would be glad to welcome the German president, in particular, bearing in mind the "good relationship that has been established during his career as Germany’s Foreign Minister."

For his part Gabriel said that the two countries had all reasons for relying on and trusting the stability of bilateral relations:

"I believe you are quite right in that we are faced with the task of taking care of peace and stability in Europe whatever problems may exist. This will not be easy, but the efforts are worth exerting," Gabriel stated.