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Gazprom pays Naftogaz of Ukraine for transit

MOSCOW, November 10. /TASS/. Gazprom has paid a bill to Naftogaz of Ukraine for gas transit for the period from September, Gazprom’s spokesman Sergey Kupriyanov told TASS.

The Ukrainian Energy and Coal Mining Ministry said earlier that Naftogaz had presented a bill to Gazprom to pay for gas transit — 64 million dollars for the period including September and 88 million dollars for the period including October.

Kupriyanov told reporters that payment for gas transit was delayed by the dispute over the gas price. The only technical problem was that Gazprom wanted to pay more than the Ukrainian side waited, he said, explaining that the transit rate depended on the gas price for Ukraine. Gazprom calculated it based on the formula set down in the contract for gas supplies, but Naftogaz set its own price. It stalled the process.

But a solution would be found, Kupriyanov said. “Everything will be done in accordance with the spirit of the Brussels agreements.”

On June 16, Russia’s Gazprom, in accordance with the contract with Naftogaz of Ukraine, stopped supplying gas to the Ukrainian side because Ukraine did not pay. Naftogaz brought a suit to the Stockholm court of arbitration against Gazprom, expecting the gas contract to be revised.