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Russia, China agreed to supplement each other in high-tech industries — Putin

Export support mechanisms should be developed at the state level, the head of state noted

MOSCOW, April 28. /TASS/. Russia and China will supplement each other in the development of advanced technologies, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a conference on drone development in the Rudnevo industrial park on Thursday.

Commenting on a proposal to encourage exports, including to Asia, Putin said: "We recently met with our Chinese colleague and had a very frank conversation on different subjects. We agreed that we should supplement each other, particularly in high-tech industries, when one of us achieves some progress."

The Russian leader explained that he was referring to exchange of information and assistance to development of related markets.

In his words, export support mechanisms should be designed at the governmental level, and a number of governmental bodies have been tasked with this effort.

"I’m sure that our colleagues from friendly nations will support this effort. I’m sure that it will be even easier than to promote pork on the Chinese market, because unmanned aerial vehicles are not susceptible to the African swine fever virus," Putin said jokingly.