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Moscow security conference to draw true picture of Russia’s policies — Defense Ministry

Alexander Fomin pointed out that the true causes of the current geopolitcal situation in the world would be presented at the conference

MOSCOW, August 10. /TASS/. The Moscow Conference on International Security will be held against the backdrop of attempts to undermine Russia's ties with partners, but at this event authentic information about the country's world policies and the real causes of the current state of affairs will be conveyed to the public at large, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Alexander Fomin, said on Wednesday.

"The conference is being convened against the backdrop of a complex international situation and crude sanction and information pressure on Russia and on friendly countries. Such actions are aimed at upsetting Russia's ties with traditional partners and constitute another attempt to isolate or drive a wedge between our countries," Fomin said at a news briefing for foreign military attaches.

"We are grateful to all participants in the conference for their invariably firm position," he stressed, adding that under these conditions the conference remained open to a constructive dialogue, which was of particular importance. Fomin explained that one of the forum’s goals was to promote the exchange of expert opinions and assessments on crucial security issues.

"At the conference, the public at large will be presented authentic information about Russia's actions in the international scene, as well as the true causes of the current geopolitical situation in the world," he said.

The 10th Moscow Conference on International Security will be held on August 16 at the Avangard educational center for the military-patriotic upbringing of youth in the theme park Patriot.