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BrahMos missiles to be adapted to India’s foreign fighter planes

To date, the missile is installed only on one type of the Indian Air Force’s planes, the multirole fighter Sukhoi-30MKI

BANGALORE, February 21. /TASS/. In the long term India’s supersonic cruise missiles BrahMos, manufactured by the Russian-Indian venture BrahMos Aerospace, will begin to be installed on India’s foreign fighter jets, the company’s chief Sudhir Kumar Mishra told TASS on Thursday.

"We have the capability to integrate BrahMos with any kind of aircraft. We feel that in the future based on the requirement received from the Indian Air Force we will be able to integrate with any aircraft (that India has)," Mishra said on the sidelines of the international show Aero India - 2019.

For now the missile is installed only on one type of the Indian Air Force’s planes - the multirole fighter Sukhoi-30MKI. Mishra said the company was working on a lighter version of the missile for light fighter jets. India’s fighter Tejas and MiG-29 of Russian manufacture are considered as likely platforms.

BrahMos Aerospace pushes ahead with research into a hypersonic missile, too.

"It’s a natural evolution for a supersonic company like BrahMos Aerospace to come out with the latest, model from supersonic to hypersonic. So BrahMos Aerospace, DRDO and NPO Mashinostroenia already we all three are working to release the hypersonic missile. And our users have conveyed that there will be a requirement for such kind of system and we are working. We are working in the academic institutions and in the research laboratories and we hope it will take some time but we will be there," Mishra said.

He added that currently the company was improving the missile’s flight parameters, including range and accuracy.

"Also, we would like to go for miniaturization of the missile system," Mishra added.